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Designer Statement

I commence my design process by capturing photography. By using photography I find that it gives me a broad scope for both weave and screen print. In relation to how accurate a photograph is, it allows me to extract the information that is needed to produce imagery to work with. I am able to use the precise linear elements and morph them with

the textural components of my drawing and mark making. The textural angles are derived from my own observational and interpretive studies of structures. I find both work well as one and create a strong visual effect.


As a designer I find it integral that the surface in which I am working on to, strongly links in with my concept and aesthetic. This is important to me personally as it links both design development with material choice. They then work together to create the finished piece of design.


As I work to achieve a collections that are both tactile yet industrial I feel it suitable that I work on both hard and soft materials. The printing element of my work focuses on hard materials such as wood, this carries through the aesthetic of structures and rigidness. However the tactile aspect  shown through printing on wools and cottons, for a natural impression. The woven structures are a study of translating harsh and rough elements in a softer and touchable approach, yet still holding the structural forms.

Please use this space to explore a selection of my varied styles of working and completed projects. 

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